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When organising corporate events Singapore, there are many decisions you have to make – from deciding on the date of the event, to catering options… and amongst other things, the corporate dinner venue Singapore.

The choice of event venue can impact other things: for example, whether you need to have additional decor, or whether you need to engage an external vendor for equipment if the space is ill-equipped in terms of AV.

If you think planning the perfect event is like following steps in a recipe, choosing the perfect venue is definitely high on the ingredient priority list!

Here are some guidelines to help you along in this quest:


Planning Ahead

The earlier you start looking for a venue, the better. Prior to looking for a venue, ensure that you have a good understanding of the following three things: budget, estimated event size, and space requirements.

These factors contribute greatly towards the decision-making aspects of organizing a corporate dinner and dance, not least of which would be venue selection.

Try to book the venue at least 4-6 months in advance to allow yourself ample time to plan for other critical aspects of the event and to develop a timeline for yourself. This is important to not over-stretch yourself in terms of time management, and for spreading to-dos out in a healthier manner as opposed to having to complete many tasks concurrently at the last minute.

As you start gaining a better understanding of your overall budget, start assessing the limitations of potential venues and the services they provide. These can range from in-house catering to having sufficient AV equipment for the programmes you have planned for the night.



The location of the venue needs to be desirable and functional for the majority of your guests. For example, if you have a number of them traveling from out of town, it would be optimal to hold the event at a venue near their hotel.

For a local event, it would good to choose a venue that is in close proximity to most attendees’ homes and workplaces – preferably within driving distance if they drive, or easily accessible with by public transport.



Does the venue have parking, or provide valet parking services? A venue with a parking lot is optimal, but in the event that there isn’t, is there an available parking lot nearby which guests can use?

If there is no parking available, there are a few alternatives you can choose to exercise:

Reserve nearby parking lots for attendees, and either absorb this cost or include it in the cost of the ticket.
Provide a way for attendees to share rides and cabs to the event together, by collaborating with Uber and Grab for an event discount and distributing the promo code to your attendees.



Is there a stage for use? This is not always necessary, but is dependent on whether you need one – for entertainment, speeches and things of that ilk.

You can enquire with the venue, whether they are able to construct a temporary stage for you, and have things like podiums available for rent.



What is the capacity of the room? This is an important question to ask and fully know the answer to, as you need to ensure the venue can fit your estimated event size, and also to adhere to fire and safety regulations in your area.


Cost and Flexibility on Event Date

Being flexible with your choice of event date can be a great way to negotiate pricing with potential venues.

The venue may have open dates on their calendar that they want to fill, so presenting two to three date options could mean savings in terms of space rental.



It goes without saying, that you should consider if the ambiance of the venue matches your choice of theme. Remember to include as part of your overall budget, the cost of any decor required to create the theme if the venue requires it.


Services and Amenities

Does the venue have its own kitchen, that can provide catering for your event? If they do, it is normal for there to be a charge by the venue for food per each attendee.

You may want to check their food in advance – a negative eating experience does not bode well for the success of the event, so go with a venue that either serves great food or allows you to bring in outside vendors.

Other things to consider would be whether the venue has its own setup and clean up crew, and whether it has AV capabilities. It isn’t always the case that venues provide their own setup and clean up crew, and in such cases you would have to form your own team or ask for volunteers. Lastly, in terms of sound and video equipment, some venues provide that for you whilst others require you to bring such equipment in yourself.


Hidden Costs

Before confirming your choice of venue, inquire beforehand of any hidden costs involved. This could range from cleaning fees, security deposits, to bartender fees, and so on.



It is not the easiest of things to successfully organise a dinner and dance event for your company, but start by choosing the right venue, and you’ll be in good stead towards becoming successful in this pursuit!