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Music Courses & Band Facilitator Training Courses @ Team Music

BANDINC® Band Facilitator Course Modules 1-2

BANDINC® Band Facilitator Course is a genuine opportunity for anyone to learn music, gain band experience and work closely with corporate companies for our BANDINC events.

If you are seriously considering working with Team Music, we appreciate if you could also take some time to fill up the Potential Band Facilitator Form, so that we may assess your suitability for this course of work.

Testimonials for BANDINC® Band Facilitator Course

Without much knowledge of music,I joined my daughter to attend Bandinc. When she told me I would get to learn 7 instruments and learn how to play as a band, I thought It was impossible and was skeptical about it. However, Daniel and Eugene proved me wrong. The experience was amazing! Being able to play instruments that I never thought I would ever be able to play. I was also exposed to sing a pop song that made me feel 30 years younger! With the guidance of the facilitators,I was able to play  the instruments within a short period of time and blend in as a band to play with the other participants. I came with a heavy heart but left feeling joyful because I know I would never get to experience jamming in a band in my life. I left with a new perception that nothing is impossible with music if only we approach it with an open heart. Lastly, I want to thank Daniel and Eugene for the wonderful programme planned out for us.

– Lily, 55, Sales Executive

I came Bandinc with my mum without knowing if we would be able to learn the new instruments within such a short period as it seemed quite impossible to learn 7 instruments and jam together as a band within 3 hours with 2 songs to learn. I was amazed that within the short period of time I was not only able to play the instruments but I could also teach another person to play the instrument I have learned. Bandinc definitely surpassed my expectations. It also gave me the opportunity to meet friends with similar music interest and I was also able to bond with my mum through the activities. I would recommend this programme to any music lover or anyone who seeks to learn music but never had the opportunity. Lastly I want to thank Daniel and Eugene for facilitating the activities so well and for this well planned programme.

– Amanda Lee, 21, Dental Hygienist – Vocal Coach

This programme has taught me that it is not impossible learn a lot of instruments at once! I am amazed and also intrigued by how music can bring everyone together. Once we have learned the basics of a instrument, we went on to teach others. That gives me a really good feeling to teach someone with the skills that I have acquired! We also played together as a full team, with all the instruments together. Everything is on the beat and timing thanks to the teachings. It strengthens our teamwork with everyone involved in the music! Awesome programme! Rock on Team Music!

– Heng Chuen

“A great program run in an outstanding way.”

– Dickson, 26, Ukulele Rookie

“The BANDINC. band facilitator course conducted by Team Music Ptd Ltd has been an enriching course for me personally. It was a fun experience to be rotated to play the different instruments and also to teach others instruments that you have just learn up. Throughout the session, there is an exchange of learning from each other when we were evaluating each other’s playing and facilitating skills. Besides that, we were also taught the basic setup skills and the program flow for Team Music’s events. The course was a great platform to meet with musicians from different walks of life and also to encourage one another to reach higher levels in their instrumental playing. It helps one another not to give up to pursue music and also to become better at it. I was very inspired by the facilitators when they share their hearts for music and how they desire to use music to impact people’s life. They were very open to help you improve your playing and also to impart skills to you. I also like the transparency of the management and the culture of the company.  Everyone is treated with equality and it has an inclusive environment where no one is left out.  It has been an enjoyable time of learning and working with Team Music Ptd Ltd. I appreciate the opportunity given to me. Thank you!!!”

– Josephine Ho, 28, Human Resource student @ UniSIM

“Team Music did an amazing job with their structured and cohesive training program. After witnessing the miracle of teamwork, I have nothing but awe for Daniel and co. I wholeheartedly recommend Team Music to anyone looking for the opportunity to spread the joy of music!”

– Jowin, 25, undergraduate

This SkillsFuture course is for anyone and everyone looking to have magic with music! All can play! The only limit is yourself! It allows teams to synergise and create a powerful experience of their own.

– Soo Ling

Testimonials from Our Band Facilitators

Every moment spent with Team Music has been immensely fruitful for me – both in learning and coaching. With Team Music, I’ve received mentoring to help me become a better musician, communicator and coach. I’m thankful for the many opportunities to get out of my comfort zone, and to do new things that I never thought I could do before! I love that I get to connect with people – both participants and fellow facilitators – and to learn from the constant exchange of ideas and experiences. While helping others to learn something new, I experience growth myself. There isn’t a moment where I stop learning and growing! If you’re looking for a positive and constructive experience, look no further!

Reuel, 26, TM Facilitator

Team Music, there’s only one way I would describe it… Amazing. Working with Team Music has actually changed my life! I used to be a very shy person, so I’ve always been dealing with stage fright. Talking to a crowd makes me feel stressed and nervous so when I perform with my band as a vocalist, I felt that it would be an issue for me. However, after joining Team Music, I slowly gained more confidence in myself. Oh! And I never thought that hundreds of people could play music together as a rock band! It’s been great experiences over and over again, thank you Team Music!

Mirud, 25, TM Facilitator

I have been working as a facilitator for Team Music for about a year and it has been a great journey.  The program has trained me to play a variety of musical instruments that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn.  As the saying goes, “Music is the universal language of mankind”.  What I enjoy most is getting to meet and teach people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds.  For most of our participants, it is probably the first time they are playing an instrument.  It is rewarding to observe them let go of their inhibitions and have fun learning to play the instruments while working together with other new musicians as a band.  That’s the miracle of music!

Fay, 45, TM Facilitator

A great way for musicians to earn while doing what you enjoy. It is fun to meet like-minded individuals on the job, as well as facilitate team-building for corporate clients through music. This part-time job also allows one to be exposed to other instruments besides those already familiar with. All in all, a good experience if you love music and are looking for a part-time/freelance job.

-Joycelyn, 25, Enjoys music

Team Music has given me the opportunity to be able to explore the possibilities of my potential. I have always had the passion for music and cinematography and to be a facilitator here is the best of both worlds. From teaching and playing the drums and other instruments to documenting the events, I feel that I have improved my skills as a music and film enthusiast.

Hady, 22, Media Production

Personally, being a music facilitator at Team Music has been a rewarding and fun experience. Not only it allows me to work alongside musical instruments of which I love, but also meeting like-minded people who shares the passion for music. Seeing the smiles of everyone’s faces at the end of every event makes me feel the sense of achievement, that we are able to spread happiness through the power of music. At Team Music, I was also given much exposure to musical instruments beyond my knowledge. This allows me to learn and grow along the way, being more musically versatile. Therefore, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Team Music for giving me this wonderful experience!  –

Dilys Goh, 18, Student at Singapore Polytechnic

Many believe that music is a talent only granted to some but truthfully it was given to everyone. As a facilitator, I get the exhilarating opportunity to help others realise that they too can learn a new skill and play music. To work with music is an absolute joy and to be able to share it with others takes it beyond fulfilling. To play together as a band symbolises the synergy that is necessary in any great team. Thank you to Daniel for his absurdly brilliant programme that leaves me speechless even after countless events.

Tamara, 23, Aspiring Musician

We are looking for energetic, friendly and compassionate Freelance Band Facilitators who have a great learning and work attitude. 


1) Able to commit to 8 hour Practicuum Training.

2) Able to commit to learning on the job.

3) Preferably have some musical experience and any form of teaching experience.

Work Requirement

1) Punctuality

2) Dress code in Team Music smart attire

3) Setup & teardown our sound & musical equipment

4) Synchronise with other Band facilitators

5) Teach beginners to learn and perform on their musical instruments

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