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BANDINC is an socially inclusive, power pact program, designed on the premise that everyone and we mean everyone can contribute to the music as a band, regardless of their musical background. All levels of your leadership, staff are eligible for this activity. No musical experience is required. Everyone can do this well.


Program Outline

Goal: Play 2 songs together as a Band

Pax Size: 5-300pax

Duration: Flexible 3 hours / Half Day / Full Day

Emphasis: No musical experience needed for this program

Mode: Collaborative or Competitive

Setting: Indoor activity / In-house at Team Music event venues or offsite at your location

Safety: Safe for pregnant ladies


Learning and Development Outcome

  1. Clarity of individual distinct roles
  2. Creative collaboration with team mates
  3. Break ice between colleagues and clients
  4. Connect company staff of different hierarchical levels
  5. Creative Play and Relieve Stress
  6. Increase the speed of learning new skills
  7. Change management and Resilence Training
  8. Leadership agility
  9. Overcome a challenging task as a team and emerge stronger
  10. Boost morale and confidence as a team


Musical Instruments Participants Play

  1. Vocal
  2. Drum
  3. Bass
  4. Guitar
  5. Keyboard
  6. Ukulele
  7. Percussion


Program Flow (3 hours)

  1. Musical Warmups
  2. Selection process for each instrument
  3. Song 1 Demo, Sectional, Combined
  4. Song 2 Demo, Sectional, Combined
  5. Video Debrief


BANDINC Intensive Lessons:

BANDINC can be adapted for:

  1. Flexible Weekly Intensive lessons for 1-3 months. Choose your own frequency and duration.
  2. Practice and practice towards Dinner & Dance. Many corporate companies asked us to adapt BANDINC for the sole of purpose of having colleagues, business partners or clients bond and PERFORM for their Annual Dinner and Dance. We can help take care of all music and sound equipment setup as well.
  3. Applicable for Wedding banquet and corporate events as well


Why BANDINC Team Building with Team Music?

Team Music is made up of a cohesive team of well-trained and engaging Lead Facilitators and Multi-Instrument facilitators who have led multiple BANDINC events successfully.

BANDINC is a registered trademark of Team Music. We have fine-tuned this program with 10,000 participants from 300 companies. The success of this one program has led to us being TOP 10 Team buidling company in Singapore for 2016 & 2017 by Human Resources Online Magazine.

Participants have raved many 5-star ratings on Google and through these Testimonials.  



BANDINC was created and developed in Singapore. In 2017, we started in Hong Kong. We are planning to have BANDINC conducted soon in Malaysia, Indonesia.


Price cover

  • Venue Rental
  • Sound and Music Equipment rental
  • Facilitator Fees
  • Additional add-on: Exclusive use of sit-down cafe area


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Are there any requirements to join this program? 

 A1: No musical experience or background needed at all


Q2: Has my company done this event with you? 

A2: Please check clients page.


Q3: Will everyone be engaged? 

A3: Yes, everyone will be 100% engaged at the event


Q4: Has this worked for all levels of leadership and staff? 

A4: Yes we have trained leadership, management teams and their staff alike


Q4: Can BANDINC be run at office or client location?

A4: Yes certainly possible. We have conducted this at offices, auditoriums, studios, arts centres, hotel function rooms, Sentosa, open space.

Super fun and engaging
team bonding activity