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Vitasoy International

Hong Kong

Workshop Outline

Goal: Write, Sing and Create your own Music Video in 4 hours!

Pax Size: 5-100 pax

Duration: Flexible 4 hours / Half Day / Full Day

Emphasis: No creative or musical experience needed for this program

Uniqueness: Focus on making good music and video at the same time

Mode: Collaborative or Competitive

Setting: Combined Indoor and outdoor activity / In-house at Team Music premises or offsite at your location

Safety: Safe for pregnant ladies



MTVINC is an socially inclusive, power packed program, designed on the premise that everyone and we mean everyone can contribute to creating a music video, regardless of their creative and musical background. All levels of your leadership and staff are eligible for this activity. No creative or musical experience is required. Everyone can do this well.


Learning and Development Outcome

  • Clarity of work role
  • Creative collaboration with team mates
  • Perseverance and Commitment to finish the job together as a team
  • Break ice between colleagues and clients
  • Connect company staff of different hierarchical levels
  • Stress Reliever
  • Increase the speed of learning new skills
  • Resilience Training
  • Creative Play
  • Great achievement as a team
  • Boost confidence as a team

Program Flow (4 hours)

  1. Musical Warmups
  2. Selection of songs
  3. Re-writing of lyrics
  4. Vocal Recording
  5. Video Shoot
  6. Video Edit
  7. Video Preview


Why MTVINC Team Building with Team Music?

Team Music is made up of a cohesive team of well-trained and engaging Lead Facilitators and Multi-disciplinary facilitators who have led multiple MTVINC events successfully. 


Price cover

  • Venue Rental
  • Audio Recording and Video Editing Equipment rental
  • Facilitator Fees
  • Additional add-on: Exclusive use of sit-down cafe area


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there any requirements to join this program?

A1: No creative or musical experience or background needed at all

Q2: Has my company done this event with you?

A2: Please check client page

Q3: Will everyone be engaged?

A3: Yes, everyone will be 100% engaged at the event

Q3: Has this worked for all levels of leadership and staff?

A3: Yes we have trained leadership, management teams and their staff alike

Had an Awesome engaging, meaningful learning experience at our management retreat facilitated by Team Music who made facing and accomplishing challenging tasks possible yet fun for everyone! Highly recommend them!
Patricia Nai from YMCA 

“An unusual team building event, one of a kind! We had so much fun and laughter throughout the whole session. You will discover the creative side of your mates that you will never realize at work place. It is a must try for everyone!” 
Estelle Tay


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