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Virtual Online Corporate Team Building Activity for Remote Employees

In view of the current global lockdown of work premises, remote employees can now meaningfully bond with Team Music’s brand new creative music HOME.INC program. Your colleagues can work productively and collaborate creatively even if they are across multiple locations. No musical experience is needed at all. Though COVID-19 and the physical limitations may temporarily exist,  your colleagues can right now digitally bond through interactive virtual online creative music production program.  This team bonding game activity is customisable for groups of any size 5-300pax. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Great for bonding international or APAC colleagues. Music and movement truly unites beyond language, race and physical barriers. Take your team’s collaborative prowess to the next level through virtual team building. 

Corporate Team Building & Team Bonding Activities in Malaysia

At Team Music, we provide music-oriented as well as fun, highly engaging company team building and team bonding activities, games and ideas for 10-350pax in Malaysia. Engage Team Music for your indoor corporate team building retreats and corporate events at Johor Bahru, Port Dickson, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Langkawi. No musical experience is needed for participation in any of our team activities. Browse through our list of team building programs to choose the ideal corporate team building event for your organization work today! We conduct group activities for adults, youths and kids. we make corporate business events in Malaysia worth remembering!




What Human Resource & Managers Say

“On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you, especially to Eugene and team for providing us with such an enjoyable and memorable corporate event.”

Joyce TENG,  L’Oreal SAPAC Operations/Finance/ IT Division

We had such a great time and the facilitators were very friendly and patient. We were amazed that we managed to play as a band in such a short period of time, even when most of us have absolutely no musical background at all. Definitely the best team building activity we’ve done as a company. Thank you Team Music!


I have attended various team building events before and this is one of the best so far. The level of participation, energy and fun was high, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We were pleasantly surprised that we can produce a song with majority of us not having any musical background. The crew were highly professional throughout the event.
– Sean Yeo from LEGO

Excellent workshop conducted by Team Music.
Would recommend them for any company cohesion events!

Team Music gave everyone the opportunity to learn something new and bond over music. The activity allowed us to have fun and create wonderful music as a group. Towards the end, it gave our management team a sense of accomplishment in playing together as a band. More importantly, it highlighted the value of keeping an open mind in learning new skills and working together to achieve great results.

Team Music facilitated the session with much gusto and energy, spreading positive vibes to everyone in the room. They patiently guided each member of the group to play their assigned musical instruments, and the results were better than expected.

We are sincerely grateful to Team Music for providing us the chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It was a productive activity for all of us!

Thank you

Christopher Daguimol, Regional PR Director

We would like to thank Team Music for making our teambuilding activity this year so engaging and fun. In a short span of three hours, we were able to complete not two, but three different songs even though most of us had little to no music background. It was interesting to try out various instruments such as the drums, electric bass and ukulele and all of us were truly entertained by one another throughout the session – evidently with the endless laughter! We took it all in good humour, of course  This was definitely an unforgettable experience. All the best!

Desirae Chong, Corporate Affairs, Citi Singapore

Thank you Team Music for the teambuilding we had. It had been a great experience.
The session, though short, provided a meaningful platform and opportunity for the team to work closely together to achieve a project. The facilitators were skillful, humorous and engaging. The idea of having the photos and videos taken of our team in action was also a welcome addition as we could relive the wonderful experience even after the session. 

James Lim, Manager of Volunteer Development & Partnerships of a local multiservice charity

“On behalf of my colleagues, many thanks to you, Eugene and your wonderful team for providing us with such a special enjoyable afternoon and memorable interaction on 11.11.2016. Your team members are very engaging and really got the group involved. We laughed and non-stop the entire time! Your team energy, personality, enthusiasm and professionalism created the perfect combination. Our entire group had a wonderful time, for a great cause and your team captured so many great pictures and videos for me to share with everyone. Thank you once again for providing such an entertaining day, everyone really enjoyed themselves. You guys surpassed our expectations!”

Bee Yen from Marketing, Keppel Land International Limited

Having 18 persons in the team, we had considered many activities that could suit our team-building objective during our planning. No doubt, we had made a right choice and no regret to choose Team Music to end our day after an intensive workshop in the morning. It was an amazing experience to play the music together especially for those people without any music background.

Team Music demonstrated that everyone should be equally important in a team although some could be in faster pace but some might not; the event definitely met our purpose. I highly recommend Team Music to anyone for a team-bonding event, as I think this is one of the great ways to bond your team. Thank you Team Music!

Noel Lee, Unilever Asia

Team Music’s BandInc teambuilding challenge was novel and engaging. It was amazing that our team – many of us have minimal musical background – were able to work together, play and record 2 songs using real instruments within 2 hours. We even managed to switch instruments for the 2nd song. Truly an enjoyable experience for the team! Thanks also to our extremely friendly and patient facilitators, Eugene & Mirud.

Pauline LIM | Visa Worldwide

50+ of us took part in a department retreat which included an afternoon of cohesion activities. When the organiser of this outing first told me that we were going to learn to perform as a band, my interest was piqued. The symbolism of being able to perform as a coherent, coordinated outfit was very appropriate especially when teamwork is a key part of any high performing team. But I wasn’t fully convinced it was possible.

Daniel and his team surprised us by firstly ensuring we were relaxed and laughing. Through a series of steps he managed to organise us into teams and before long we were having a great time laughing, enjoying and feeling really satisfied that we were indeed playing as a complex-seeming highly coordinated band. Some of us were drummers, others guitarists, others base, yet others keyboardists, all with no prior knowledge of how to play these instruments.

The energy and closeness we felt and still feel speaks volumes for the efficacy of the activity. I will happily  do this again. It was a great afternoon out; time well spent!

Mike, Medical Affairs (Education), National University Hospital


I would like to say thank you to whole Team Music Team.They have provided us with a unique team building experience, where each of our team member could actively participate and give a critical contribution to the band.Daniel and his staff were friendly, approachable, and immediately transferred basic musical skills to all of us. Within few hours we could play 2 songs!They have created a fun environment where all team members felt at ease. They encouraged us all the time, and got the best of us.I do recommend Team Music for an energizing experience where your team can learn how to operate better together while having lots of fun. Thanks!



This was one of the best team building activity I & my team had ever had (and we have joined many other activities before). Before trying the activity, we were worried that it might not be very fun as all of us don’t know anything about music – not even the songs’ names. But it turned out to be a lot of fun as everyone was so excited when they first played the drums, the guitars, the keyboards etc. And thanks to Daniel’s friendliness and easy-to-get instructions, we all can form a band and had lots of fun with the activity. Definitely I will recommend this activity to anyone I know who is looking for a fun thing to do in Singapore. It’s a must try!

Minh Châu Lê Nguyễn, Procter & Gamble International


Thank you Team Music for a wonderful team-building activity. The team was so pumped that we created our own rock band in less than 2 hours. What really differentiates Team Music is the spirit of collaboration and “oneness” that we took away unlike other team building activities which are more competitive.

I highly recommend Team Music!

SaiAparajitha Gopalakrishnan, Procter & Gamble

“This is a truly out of the box team building exercise for the team, who would have known that we all have a hidden musical talent in us! Your team has been really patient with us, we are such a big group to handle and yet you’ve managed to give us such a fun and enriching experience. Well done, team! Thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon.”

Serena Yong, Managing Director of HP PPS Singapore (Sales) Pte. Ltd.

Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We were initially slightly intimidated by the instruments since most of us were not inclined musically, but this proved to be unnecessary worries as everyone was rocking the place down by the end of the session. Great concept for a team-building activity and definitely highly recommended!

– Jonathan Ong, Yahoo!


For a team that has done numerous team building events, TEAM MUSIC exceeded our expectations and conducted an extremely engaging and enjoyable session for all of us at Sennheiser Asia. The facilitators were highly professional and played an integral role in making this activity possible even for the music amateurs. Highly recommended!

Ada Yen, Sennheiser Asia

“Your guys are truly awesome to work with and you definitely make our spirit come to life! We had so much laughters and everyone was so keen to try out different instruments. It was truly successful teambuilding for bringing folks together. I got great feedbacks from the leaders that they want to bring their own team to do it again. It makes me understand how each team member plays an important role in an organisation in regardless of what position he holds.”

– Mag Ng, Gartner Advisory (S) Pte Ltd

It was awesome, something that we least expected that without any musical background, we still are able to make a music band. Definitely require a great team effort to make it happen. Everyone was so immersed in the music and have enjoyed the whole event tremendously. For once, I have thought that I was in a band group and put my heart into playing the instrument that I have been assigned to. This event has made me realised that as long as everyone makes an effort and heart to do it, we are able to do it as a team. In short, everyone is important in the team to make it happen.

– Sue Cheng, SP PowerGrid Ltd

“Engaging, invigorating and downright fun. Highly recommended if you are looking to put some grooves into your team dynamics.”

Marcus Lim, Citibank

This was simply a FUN way of engaging one another and the spirit of team work to make it work was great! We had so much fun and it is truly a miracle that with everyone’s contribution a unseemingly impossible task was completed and we were able to play instruments and formed a band! You guys are awesome 🙂

Charmaine Tan-Widjaja
Assistant Manager – Customer Service

Thank you very much for organising the Corporate Band Teambuilding Program for Sunglass Hut S.E. Asia Pte Ltd on 24 March 2017.

The event certainly brings forward two of our key components for this year, which is teamwork and togetherness. What seemed like an impossible task of having 20 people stuck in a studio with no musical background at all, given 3 hours to play 2 songs really feels like a stretch.

However, with the patience and passion of the facilitators, Reuel and team, the activity not only brought out the hidden musical talent (no matter how small or almost non-existent it may be) that we have, but also most importantly, having lots of fun meeting our key objectives for the day!

Thus, the concept of togetherness and teamwork really shines here because without it, each instrument will not be able to collaborate and each note and rhythm will run their separate ways….and having lots of fun doing it!

Thank you again to you and your team. Perhaps next time, an intermediate or semi-professional level next? J Thanks Heaps

Asni Bin Sani, Training Manager, Sunglass Hut Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

We had fantastic music experience with Team Music.  Despite change of event schedule,
Team Music provided strong support to coordinate the venue and facility.
Thanks for organizing a great 3-hours team building activity for us.
It’s full of surprise and fun. Our staff enjoy learning of music instrument  and watching the music video we made together. Amazing experience!! Thank you , Team Music.

Anna Yang
Cabot Microelectronics Singapore

We were looking for a nice activity in creating team bonding and having some fun together, Team Music offered us an impeccable solution. We really had much fun and were amazed that we finally played together a wonderful music as a band without any music experience. Thanks so much Mirud and team for a wonderful job in leading us through energizing coaching technique with a glimpse of challenging in role switching. The session really entertained and simultaneously engaged us in stupendous teamwork principle. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


“We wanted to schedule a team outing centered around the theme of learning, and Team Music was a perfect recommendation! Our goal for the day was to come together as a team, learn something new, and push ourselves out of our comfort levels. It didn’t disappoint. Many of us weren’t musically inclined and while we started off nervous, by the end of the session we all felt like rock stars and couldn’t wait to see our musical masterpieces on tape.

If you’re looking for something different to bond your team, I highly recommend thinking outside of happy hour and plan an event with Team Music. It will live up to the hype!

Mallory Fahy, LinkedIn


“Our team holds morale events every quarter, and we were looking for an activity that was not just unique but also one that incorporated good values.

Since this was a new concept to us, some folks were slightly skeptical, but we decided to step out of our comfort zone to try something new.

The team at Team Music did an excellent job not only coordinating but also coaching our team on how to use the various instruments and making the team feel at ease with the new ideas.

We not only had such a great time as a team, but learnt the importance of teamwork, flexibility and agility in order to harmonize and synchronize as a team.

Thank you Team Music!”

Nur Hakiima Zainol Abidin, Sales Desk Lead – Microsoft

On behalf of our team we just want to send a big THANK YOU to Team Music for putting this fun and fabulous team building event. Team Music truly bought out our team spirit and show us we can do extraordinary if we put in effort and work together. Not only was the day enjoyable, but it was also very productive, just amazing that a unique rock band was created just within 2 hours. Nothing but great praise from everyone who participated.

We really had a blast !

Rina Tan/AMSEA Finance

I can really recommend to conduct your team building activity with Team Music Pte Ltd.

We were a group of 17 people all over from Asia and Australia. The atmosphere was relaxed and really good. Eugene is a cheerful guy who likes to joke. He and his team know how to teach an instrument in less than 30 minutes. In total we were able to play two different songs in 3 hours. After the first song everyone had to change the instrument to get to learn another one. The team did a great job in a relaxed and funny way. From the beginning on all of us felt comfortable. Daniel sent us the recordings and photos the very next day. This was one of the best team building activities I have joined so far.

Shirin Fuchs
Student of Business Administration | Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), SAP SE, Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 | 69190 Walldorf | Germany

Team Music’s Jamming session is a great team bonding event!

We all get to learn something new, have fun, and work with each other in new combinations. Music transcends all languages and my team can attest to that. We had 6 nationalities among the 9 of us. But Music brought us together. Would definitely recommend it for department bonding events.

Cheow Ai Ling from Private Equity and M&A Services, MARSH

“Estee Lauder Cosmetics did a teambuilding event on 21 June organized by Team Music. The event was an absolute blast. Everyone had nothing but high praises for it. Program was soundly thought out and engagement levels were very high. We walked away with a deep appreciation of how important each member is to the overall picture. Thank you Team Music for the great event and your professionalism in making it such a wonderful afternoon for all of us!”

Jonathan Foo, Senior Business Manager of Estee Lauder Cosmetics Pte Ltd

Thank you for the great bonding session led by you and your facilitators yesterday. Music truly brings everyone together, we all had a fantastic time. It was a first for many of us to be playing an instrument, dancing to a choreography and singing in a band.  Many proclaimed it the best bonding event they have ever had! It was both thumbs up from all of us at AWWA School.

Susan Tan, Admin Manager of AWWA School

We enjoyed extremely, the event being planned for us on last Friday. Your guys are patience yet professional. It went beyond our expectations and everyone had so much fun and laugher. Thank you for everything !!!

Amanda Foo | Senior Executive [HR – Learning & Development] | M1 Limited


Daniel and the Team Music group hosted a Team Building session for a group of colleagues for a global project that met here in Singapore in July. The brief provided was not just to host a ‘standard’ session- but to ensure that we incorporated within the session, and in a compressed time frame, elements of our APAC culture that would resonate and educate our global colleagues, as well as our Company Behaviors. Daniel approached this challenge whole heartedly and the end result was one that ticked all the boxes in terms of outcomes! I would certainly consider Team Music again if I was asked to consider having an external partner to host a Team Building session- and would certainly strongly recommend them to any one looking for a partner in this area.

Mark Leong, UBS

It was a one-of-a-kind team building that we had unlike any other that we have been to. Our initial reservations of not knowing how to play musical instruments faded away with your very lively and engaging instructors. They taught us in simple steps, and at the end of the day we harmonized and came up with some pretty good music! We had lots of fun together! The activity made us aware that even though we have different roles, like the different musical instruments, we can produce great results when we synchronize together as a team.


Frederick Oplado, Roche Singapore Technical Operations Pte Ltd

It was the perfect teambuilding event… reinforcing critical personal and team values for success and FUN!

Lori Schneider, Sabic FANAR & Team Lead


Everyone really enjoyed being a “musician”.  This was one of the best team building event we’ve had. Cheers.

Lin Lin Tan, Sabic


A wonderful experience and an excellent team building activity, like no other. You made it so easy even without prior experience with musical instruments. Loved by everyone… I received great feedback from leaders and team. By the end of the night, everyone understood the importance of team effort for success but most importantly they enjoyed themselves. 80 people to create music and learn 2 songs in 2 hours was no mean feat! Congratulations to Team Music on a job well done.

Faudziah Omar, Sabic


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